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Blooket is a fairly new site in the world of online quiz or teacher quiz options. It's a website, not an app. Once you've created a teacher account, you can create \"groups\" with questions on any topic or search for \"groups\" created by other teachers. Each set of questions can be used to host a game for students to play.

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What makes Blooket different from other sites I've used with my students is that you can use the same questions to use different play styles. For example, teachers can arrange Gold Quest, Battle Royale, Classic Games (think Kahoot) and five other options.

If you're like me, you're always looking for new ways to increase student involvement! In my elementary school music room, I want to incorporate many ways to experience music with Bloom's highest rating. Creating, playing and composing is a music teacher's jam. In addition, these activities are inherently more attractive to students as they offer many opportunities for self-expression and choice.

However, there is a lot of learning (vocabulary, etc.) that needs to be done to develop the basic knowledge of the student. This type of learning, which usually comes at the bottom of Bloom's typology, can be a bit difficult to attract students.

So I fell in love with all sorts of trivial online and racing games. Some examples are Kahoot, Quizzizz, Gimkit and Quizlet. Students fall in love with them too, so it's easy to fall in love with any of these sites. I have a freshman and every time I see I wonder if we should play. If you can communicate, or if possible, if you need a way to interact with the types of learners you're teaching this year (face-to-face, virtual, and beyond), Blooket has the potential to do new things. include. Tomorrow's lesson

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